About us..... introducing the staff of Hayes Endocrine and Diabetes Center!
Dr. Hayes is very proud of her professional, hard-working staff.  The team at HEDC really enjoys working together and considers each other more like family than co-workers.  We often hang out together after hours! We are highly committed to our jobs and we even have some fun along the way!
Kay Williams, APRN/BC
Our beloved Kay, our Nurse Pracititoner of 13 years has certainly won the award for diligence and longevity at HEDC.  She joined Dr. Hayes in 2004 and has accumulated quite a following of patients who love and adore her.

Kay has devoted her career to the nursing field.  As an RN she spent 18 years in office practice of obstetrics/gynecology and dermatology.  She attended Belmont University for both her RN and BSN degrees.   Kay's husband Ralph, pharmacist and owner of Healthmart Pharmacy in Hendersonville, developed Type 1 diabetes during his 4th decade.  They as a team have coached and helped hundreds of patients with diabetes over the years.

Kay's favorite pass time is spending time with her two young grandchildren Mattie and Jack.  Shockingly, just a year or so ago, Jack was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the tender age of 4. As one might expect, Jack and Ralph both do exceedingly well with their blood sugar control and although the two are generations apart, their common thread is a great attitude and respect for the disease that each must call his own.

 To say that Kay lives and breathes diabetes is an understatement.  She diligently gives her time, attention and expertise to her patients all day and gives more of the same to her family!  Kay captivated Dr. Hayes with her beautiful smile 13 years ago and she has been nothing but a blessing to work with all these years.  Dr. Hayes and her patients are never going to let Kay truly retire!
Maverick Calorio, Front Office Manager
Maverick, a dependable and loyal employee of Hayes Endocrine and Diabetes for 8 years, remains the familiar and friendly face of the front desk that patients have grown to know and love.  Trained both as a medical assistant and medical office manager,  he is diligent in his work ethic and highly skilled at aiding patients with the complexities of scheduling tests, receiving their prescriptions, communicating with referring physicians and scheduling appointments.

He shows excruciating attention to detail, a trait very necessary for a successful front office manager.  He handles with ease hundreds of phone calls, voice mails, faxes, emails and records along with assisting patients with check out and scheduling follow up appointments.   Maverick is a winner at multi-tasking and along with accomplishing so many detailed and sometimes laborious activities, he never fails to wear a smile and throw in the most unexpected jokes and jests.  Maverick is the Elmer's Glue that allows HEDC to stick together and we are very lucky to have him as part of our team!
Tara Haley, Medical Assistant, Clinical Manager
Tara, a graduate of Kaplan Career Institute, has worked with Dr. Hayes for 6 years.  After performing her internship with HEDC, Dr. Hayes realized her potential as an outstanding medical assistant.  Impressed by her conscienciousness, her great attitude, her superb computer and clinical skills, she hired her immediately and Tara has continued to always give 200%.

Tara is a certified insulin pump trainer, a continuous glucose monitoring trainer, and assists Dr. Hayes with fine needle aspirations of the thyroid as well as testosterone pellet procedures.  She performs ankle brachial index procedures to screen for peripheral vascular disease and maintains outstanding results in taking retinal photos.

Tara managed the Hendersonville office successfully for the five years that HEDC maintained a second location.  She is a master at getting drugs approved for our patients and multitasking daily.  She balances her life by juggling a busy career and being a wife and a mother of two. 
Amy Sanders, Medical Assistant
Amy, a graduate of Kaplan Career Institute had 3 years of experience as a medical assistant in primary care prior to joining HEDC.  She has been with Dr. Hayes for three years and is a diligent and loyal employee.  She enjoys the fast paced environment of the practice.
Amy has mastered the art of taking excellent retinal photos thus detecting retinopathy in our patients early in the course of their disease.  She is a certified insulin pump and sensor trainer and manages well the intricate nature of pump therapy and continuous glucose monitoring.   She assists Dr. Hayes with testosterone pellet insertion as well as fine needle aspiration of the thyroid.  She is highly skilled in utilizing our electronic medical record, meeting patients needs, tracking and filling medication orders and teaching patients how to use insulin pens, meters, oral drugs and other medication injections.

Amy is also a busy mom to her son Brock and she enjoys spending time with him and capturing all the special moments of his life.  Amy is also quite athletic and enjoys playing softball and other team sports.